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T8 Adjustable Radar Sensor Tube light

Newly Tube product:

1. Led Dimmable tube
Can adust the lightness by switch.

2. Adjustable tube light.
Can adjust the time of duration 1min--5mins--10 mins--30 mins
Can adjust the lightness 0%--30%--100%.
All adjusted by customers themselves.
(Note: Normal radar tube must set by manufacturer before shipping)

3. Color temperature changeable T8 Tube:
Can change the color temperature (3000k----6000k----4000k)by switch.
Can use different color temperature as different environment, different place.
You buy ONE= YOU buy THREE! !

Our advantage:

We only do what we are good at.
Quality and innovation is out key point to develop.
Number one in technology of LED tube lights
High CRI, up to Ra80
Wide color temperature 3000/4000/5000/6000K
Good power factor, energy saving.

Watt: 9W 14W 18W 20W 22W 25W

We provide OEM service.
Print your brand or logo by inkjet, silkscreen or sticker.
Toplight Optoelectronic Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer, not a trader.
We provide superior quality, affordable price, ontime delivery and guaranteed after-sales service.

Product certificates,

We have exported to,
 TTC-09WT806-D4     9W    850LM      Isolated Internal Driver     588mm     235g
 TTC-14WT809-D4     14W     1350LM     Isolated Internal Driver     894mm     300g
 TTC-16WT812-D4     16W     1550LM     Isolated Internal Driver     1198mm     400g
 TTC-18WT812-D4     18W     1700LM     Isolated Internal Driver     1198mm     400g
 TTC-20WT812-D4     20W     1900LM     Isolated Internal Driver     1198mm     400g
 TTC-22WT812-D4     22W     2100LM     Isolated Internal Driver      1198mm     400g
 TTC-25WT812-D4     25W     2400LM     Isolated Internal Driver     1498mm     500g
 TTC-30WT812-D4     30W     2900LM     Isolated Internal Driver     1498mm     500g